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Swingle is embarassing

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We were delighted to get an invite to a friend’s Easter fire, on Saturday. They are horsey/doggy peeps so it was great that we could take Swingle to her first party. According to tradition, you have to collect the Holy Fire from the church service, as the flame comes from Rome (doubtful voice here). The service doesn’t end till 8.30, so we didn’t leave till late evening, just at the point where thoughts turn to hitting the pillow, we’re no longer night owls!!!

It was snowing, so we went into the house. Swingle then proceeded to bark at everyone as they came in, and then suddenly squatted, oh the smell and the speed she was dragged out. Fortunately our friends were understanding. I took the culprit up the lane to finish relieving herself -perhaps the barking was wanting out or the barking relaxed her bowels – whatever, I should have put her in the garden before we left.

We went outside for the fire, and Petra brought her dog out and the two played like maniacs. We then went back in and Swingle proceeded to bark at all and sundry until they said hello. We stayed for a drink but left, completely embarrassed. Only compensation was the wretch let us sleep late the next morning….

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