So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Swingle growing up


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I sometimes wonder if our pup is on a time delay, having missed a lot of early puppy behavior she’s on catch up. Our main task at the moment is trying to stop her jumping up by only stroking her when she’s down, and stopping the nipping and mouthing by not giving her our hands, and tapping, saying no when she does- not always successful but we’re making progress.

She’s discovered barking at people as well, which I have to get her not to shout at everyone she meets!

She’s lovely on the lead and has got the walkies idea. I’ve not let her off the extendable lead yet as she always has her nose in something and switches off. I have a small pot of goodies to rattle to get her attention so I’m doing that. It seems she’s better later into the walk as she relaxes. I will let her off soon!

She does sometimes have accidents at night, I think she forgets to ask as she wakes up with a full bladder. The first time she went out in the recent snow there was an expression of shock as her bum hit the cold!  I’m now feeding her less in the evenings to see if that helps her. My amazing husband has now put a dog door on the porch, luxury to open the door and stay in the warm for her to return. And she wont go out if she don’t want to either! The trouble is, when she’s out in the garden, she gets up to mischief -such as digging a bomb crater as in the slideshow above!

She comes into our room in the mornings -buys us a little time before the a.m. naughtiness bout comes on- the latest thing is nicking and chewing firelogs but at least that’s cheap!

She now has a Passport, second jab and Frontline on her back – she had a tick on her neck at this time of the year!  Now we have to consider whether to get her spayed now or after her first season -although at possibly eight months she may have already had one.  Our vet says do it now, would you wait or go for it?

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

6 thoughts on “Swingle growing up

  1. Swingle ‘growing up’ antics sounds much like my little Smokey – just over 4 months and has totally taken over our lives. We were not thinking of getting a dog as my ‘Road Dog’ Monster died in December and could again bear the pain that parting brings – but Smokey was foisted on us by my brother and has brought back the joy of having a dog around.

    I still miss ‘Monster’and went off blogging radar mostly because I was disappointed with myself. I had a post introducing him to the world ready but was waiting to get a video too, and then it was too late. It hurts to turn it into a memorial but should do that soon. I owe it to him.

    Enjoy Swingle. Happy you introduced him to us. He looks and sounds quite a joyous bundle!! 🙂


    • Aha! I thought you hadn’t been around! Thanks for the lovely comment! How old was Monster when you lost him? I had my last dog 16 years and it was a release for her when I had to put her to sleep, in a way you are prepared with an older dog. I’ve waited 8 years for Swingle. Another dog with an S name, they seem to be all around! I’m looking forward to seeing your blog and pictures. I was at a really low point when we found out about Swingle and took her and I did feel guilty because I thought I should be finding the comfort in God, but maybe he put this creature to us to stop us looking at ourselves so much and lift us, now with house and garden wrecked as well as no money, we’re happy and looking to God again, not at selves!!!! Have you seen this film- beware, it certainly makes me read for the tissues each time I see it! Best wishes!


      • Monster was around 13 years.
        Did you post about not being around when your dog was put to sleep? I remember reading a post recently and thinking it is perhaps a blessing not to be around. I was overseas when he died. The neighbours buried him and gave me a video with his picture on the cover and a caption “Funeral Service of Blackie (their name for him) the lovable dog of Lake Road.”
        He was ailing but it was always a major drama to let the vet treat him. I feel guilty because he looked more unwell than usual the day before I was to leave and I called the vet but he could not come in. Then my uncle fell and I postponed my flight to take care of both. But my uncle was not injured and everyone persuaded me, so I travelled albeit uneasy. I kissed Monster and asked him to please stay well till I returned in 7 days (no one else can handle him with the vet) but had to extend my stay to help my brother relocate so my sister returned on schedule. Monster seemed to be missing me but was not critically ill. Two days later he was found in a drain a few yards from my house. There were no visible injuries and no one knows if he was knocked down by a vehicle (which I always feared) or how he got there. I guess what hurts is that I feel I let him down for I was not there when he needed me. But so it goes. Man proposes etc. … We have to learn to deal with the sadness that accompanies the joy of having them. I had another Labrador I lost and, like you, did not want to get one of my very own after that. My ‘road dog’ Monster filled the gap – I am so thankful for him.
        I loved the clip on God and dog. God has indeed given us these creatures to reflect in a minute way the immense love and faithfulness of our Heavenly Father. And we can only count the blessings of Swingle, Monster and Smokey.


      • It sounds to me that maybe Monster took himself somewhere to pass on, animals often do this, seeking somewhere secret and away from people. So maybe it was a better end than the vets. I had to take our dog Ratty to the vets as it was quicker than waiting for a visit, she had suffered a series of epileptic fits and could no longer stand up, I felt it was better to be quick and she went in my arms. I’m feeling bad this weekend as we took Swingle to be spayed, she came home totally stoned and today is still woozy and guilty because she had a couple of accidents in the night. The vet here doesn’t believe in the ‘collar of shame’ -have you seen ‘UP’?, and I think that’s a relief, they can cause so much stress. I expect she’ll soon be back to wrecking things, and she has dog training next Sunday which the vet assures me she’ll be ready for! Dave and I like are like a couple of lost kids, we’ve got so used to our walks and playing with her!


      • We could never have put Monster into a car … he was not ‘broken in’ to these things that’s why the vet had to come. Feeling like posting that saga soon 🙂
        I thin you are right about him going somewhere. It fits for he had looked at my sister in such a way the night before that she had actually remarked to my mum ..”Monster is saying thank you to me ” She thought the thank you was for feeding him when I was not around.
        Hope Swingle recovers soon to cheer you and Dave 🙂 Do not let her lick the wound cause it can open up and prolong the healing – happened to my mum’s dog.
        Thanks for the sharing. I feel way better about Monster … TC


      • All well now, she’s had her stitches out and has been to Dog School, blog will eventually follow!


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