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National Service-my best April fool yet????



Can’t believe what arrived in the post this morning. Having got the dog sorted with chip, passport and Council, I get a notification from the Government. Apparently they need dogs to train as mountain rescue, sniffer dogs and so on as there is a shortage. Swingle is an Austrian dog and so they will take her for two weeks training and then she can be called at any time of national emergency. Unless I pay an opt out fee of 200 Euros. another nice little earner for Austrian burocracy. Who said dog ownership was easy?


5 thoughts on “National Service-my best April fool yet????

  1. Seriously? They can just take her for training even if you don’t want to participate (unless you pay, of course) – I don’t see how two weeks of training, and then calling her out in a national emergency would even work. Would she even remember the commands if she isn’t using them daily?


  2. I was just going to write some harsh thinking here…but ooooooh, you really fooled me as well!


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