So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Swingle settles in



You can just see the brindle behind her ears

So she woke, still on the farmer clock at 6 am, so I was out in the snow in jamas boots and jackets, but at least she performed. We didn’t find the night incidents until later, but I think most were post waking and I need to keep her out longer first thing -she’s a bright dog and the penny is beginning to drop. She looks at times uncannily like my last dog, but she’ll be bigger, nearer a labrador I thinks when she’s finished. But such a sweet temperament, didn’t growl when I bathed her, loved being rubbed with a towel, in fact I don’t think she can growl, although  she barks like a proper dog!


I had to go out that morning and Dave typically noticed her whining cos I was out but ignored it as he was doing something,  and so she had two accidents in the spare room. Ta ha, he had to clear it up!  So mornings, outside longer first thing and a morning walk!

I took her around the garden and up the lane, I don’t think she was aware she’s on the lead, leaping about, but a nose dog as she followed where the cat had been in the garden!

She is an up jumper, and I think is learning the word down. Loves her ears being stroked and neck rubbed. She has a wind problem, think she has been eating cow-apples, hopefully a few days will get it out of her system. Shes on a dried food, but I hope to wean her onto something better, she’ll have milk and extra meat and two meals a day for the moment. But she had to have a second bath and she still reeks!  She is a nicker of stuff, especially shoes and our clothes, oh, its all coming back to me!

She’s off to the vets tomorrow, jabs-rabies too I think, chip, registration. Hope it wont be too expensive!  We’ve been having a lot of discussions about the car, where she will sit and so on. I’m hoping the vet can give us some travel medicine as we have to go to Salzburg in Sunday to the airport!

I’ve now idea what her breeding is, so she’s now a Lungaumarmothound!

Am I happy  –  daft question!


3 thoughts on “Swingle settles in

  1. I love that name you have given her – Swingle. She looks like she owns it.


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