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Swingle has arrived!!!!


IMG_0895Some of you may have read my post on the dream about a dog called Swingle. It sort of remained at the back of my mind,  but being at a low point, nothing seemed right. Then, last week  in a local supermarket we saw an advert for a litter of puppies, that were being given away. There was a photo and although little, the pup was a light browny colour. Dave actually told me to take the number! However I let it ride as I was in miserable mode and I didn’t really want a pup, and I didn’t feel Dave was serious.  However, he eventually said why don’t you ring up and at least find out about them, mostly in an attempt to cheer me up.

Then we found the number was incorrectly written, so I tried several combinations until at last I got an Answerphone and left a message.

At 7.30 the next morning, came a call from an old boy who was speaking in dialect, we went around in circles until we understood each other. Turned out it was a farmhouse on the hill above us, the son of the family was a friend of Paggy. I thought I had seen the Mum, a brindly dog who looked cowed-I suspected from being hit. However, we made a time and drove up the hill in the typically in the wrong direction . We were just stopped and looking around us when we heard a whistle and the old boy was hailing us from a farm below us.


There was a dark coloured pup with a long back bouncing around, friendly and cheerful.  A touch of brown in her shoulders, a white chin and one white heel. The last pup of the litter, he said she is four months old, but I’m not sure. I think she’s older but the vet will know.  I liked her confidence, I couldn’t refuse. We talked about food and where she had slept, and bundled the bewildered creature into the back of the car. Swingle, not the same colour or breed but spirit had arrived!


7 thoughts on “Swingle has arrived!!!!

  1. Cute! I hope it is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.


  2. Congratulations! Such a cute girl! ♥


  3. She’s adorable! So happy for you!


  4. Adorable and sweet – hopefully she will stay by you for many years! Dogs are the very best companions.


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