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Paggy’s legacy



Paggy will be familiar to those of you who have followed the blog for a while, with his sad demise last December.

After the funeral, Paggy’s flat was sealed up by the Notar (Solicitor) and as he hadn’t left a will, all was in her hands while the estate was sorted – I expect the old bugger thought he could take it with him.  Hubert, Paggy’s brother is a nice bloke and we’ve got to know him  a bit. He has the same blue eyes which I find really disconcerting. I had to give up my dream of some how  buying the flat and turning it into a holiday let as Hubert wants it for himself. Fair enough, but it does seem a bit of  a nail in the coffin for our future here, letting go of yet another dream.

One day, the Notar turned up with a couple of people, and being a completely nosey neighbour, I found an excuse to go and say hello. She didn’t look too pleased to see me and the other women had an open box in which seemed to be golden spoons. Not my problem, but it did worry me. Hubert rang Linda up a couple of days later and when he found this out, was furious. As he inherits, she should have informed him of any visit. He promptly hired a lawyer, went to the Notar, took possession of the keys and the lawyer is now dealing with everything.

Apparently she had been in twice and had taken away Paggy’s guns (10), a coin collection and the golden serving set. I don’t know Austrian law, but Hubert said she was shaking when they went into the office. He has now changed all the locks and says he will take the property over in two months.   This Notar dealt with the purchase of our flat, didn’t send us the bill for over a year, and then there were items on it we hadn’t been told about and we had to pay it in ten days. So I guess I didn’t like her in the first place!

Apparently, the flat was left equally to Paggy and Hubert when their mother died, but Paggy demanded it all and Hubert went with it. It was after his stroke and the death of his wife, Hubert said before then he was a good man.

So Hubert has already told another neighbour he can cut all the trees down, it’ll make the flat such a suntrap. He’s going to chuck a lot of the stuff. I’ve told him about the valuable painting and how the furs can be sold for a profit. I guess I just dont like the idea of Paggy’s stuff being chucked.

But it’s all just things isn’t it?  What has value for us, means nothing to others. Yet still I hang on the Deerhound statues that my Mum loved and she died 10 years ago.

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

2 thoughts on “Paggy’s legacy

  1. Wow…I don’t know Paggy but I’ve had to help with family estates and it’s bloody business.
    And sometimes we do worry about ‘things’ because those things remind us of lost friends and we know how important/comforting those things were to a dear friend.


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