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Ponderings on the Weekly photo challenge



My top post of 2014 -minimalist storm coming

Its been through the jolly old wpc that my blog has found many followers and I’ve found many of the blogs I love to read. I fully admit that I’m guilty of sitting by my laptop on a Friday evening to see what the subject is and how quickly I can create something. I found quite soon (being very competitive) that the quicker I post, the more likes I get – a form of approval seeking for sure!  I’ve decided that this is daft, and I will only post now if the subject really grabs me and a photo springs to mind.

I had a glean around the site today, 100s of entries and the penny has dropped that now all the new posts are at the top of the page-bravo WP, people are not going to trawl to the bottom are they?

What does annoy me, is when I look at some blogs (after I’ve posted) some peeps have just added a pingback to an already published post OR post some completely random subject, where I guess the link is known only to themselves. Some people seem to set their own challenge using the WPC.

COP OUT I say. Shouldn’t we be all original and artistic?

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

5 thoughts on “Ponderings on the Weekly photo challenge

  1. I agree with hugmamma – I participate in challenges when it’s a subject that interests me or if I think I have a great photo for it. Or sometimes if I can use it as a jumping off point for writing. It does get crazy trying to keep up with other blogs – but then again, I have met some of the coolest people by participating in challenges and I love visiting their blogs and chatting with them.

    I do agree – one should try to be original and artistic and participate with the theme of the challenge, and not use it as a way to garner traffic to their site.


  2. It’s easy to get swept away in striving to be “liked.” I too have done various and sundry challenges which have garnered the numbers. But in the end, I can’t keep up…especially trying to visit others’ blogs. I love doing it, I’ve just not got the time. Wish I could just sit here all day writing and reading. However life slips away all too quickly…and I’d much rather be out doing…than sitting and reading about what other folks are doing. Not that I won’t ever do the challenges. They are fun. So I’ll pick and choose what I’ll participate in…and when. So I think you’ve done the right thing…hugs!!!

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    • Yup, it’s such a luxury to have time for reading and writing! I’m suffering from a severe case of cabin fever at the moment being out of work and it being winter so am spending too long on the PC. Come March when the garden thaws out,I wont have a minute!

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