So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Cows in the fields

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P1240344 Here are some cute shots of the cows enjoying the last warm days. They are the Austrian Fleckvieh breed, a good all rounder.  The next most are the Pinzgau breed which look like they have a spash of white paint along their backs! Ocassionally a fresian sneaks in – to put up the milk yield but not the fat content. DSCN1491 For that you need a Jersey and there is a herd here which goes up to the alms in the summer and thrive on it. There are also Highland cattle and some Aberdeen Angus. P1230048 It only seems now that they are having breeds that can stay out all the year round. Aparently cattle used to die when the barns were badly ventilated. This Fleckvieh isn’t a thick haired breed for winter. P1160197 So why haven’t the Alpine farmers bred a sort that could go out -pure practicality, its easier to have the inside? But as I’ve said most cows given a choice will stay in the warm!!! DSCN2177


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