So where's the snow?

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The craziness goes on!



Over the weekend, we finally had some lovely, real winter weather. It snowed and snowed. Then it turned to a storm, and on Sunday afternoon we were watching mini whirlwinds powering down the valley. It was another DVD day for us. Monday had more of the same, but out and about, it was snow underfoot with a bitterly cold wind -closing the ski lifts. Yet it made me realize, I was missing real winter, snow underfoot not ice and the crisp cold air.

So at last they forecast Tuesday as a day of clearing skies, coldness and lovely sunlight. The clouds hung around all day, and by the afternoon, the thermometer was reading +9!  Result, rapid thaw. Ok for skiing with temperature inversion I suppose and its half term week. But, I do hope that we don’t have a return to an ice underfoot situation. Spring here and skiing on the mountains will do me. Daft winter!


3 thoughts on “The craziness goes on!

  1. I hung out a couple of halves of coconut for the first time ever, but I’m afraid not a single bird has gone near them – I think I need to place them a little nearer to my feeder so the little mites take the hint, perhaps.


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