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Busy Days

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Life here is so nuts. One minute I’m chewing the walls with boredom, the next I haven’t a minute to spare. Of course, its what I now know as winter sleep, where we don’t get out much  because of the weather-not being skiers. And there’s no work.  But since I’ve been helping Linda, by Saturday, I’m beaten. An example day is, get Linda’s wood in and do a bit of work. Off to town for a spot of shopping. Meals and Wheels around the village. Snack! Sort the house a bit (!). Snow clearing when it arrives! Then out again, sometimes to help Linda in the village library, or my friend Edith. One wonderful afternoon, I met up with a local artist in the village. She’s put me straight about the was my painting should progress- its my time of year to try it. Ideas are bubbling over!

So maybe God has heard my prayer for change, for a sense of purpose. I’ve heard it often said that retiring is more work than working -but I’m NOT retired -yet!

And still to come, Women’s day of prayer meetings, dog sitting, a little cleaning for another old lady, starting my advertising for my home tutoring. Holiday lets to changeover, but  most of all, in March my daughter coming over for my birthday and we’re going to have a Spa day.

From the depth of deep, I’m surfacing. The menopause symptoms are at last receding, I’ve actually got the energy to do all these things. I can see how when I get tired I muddle me words and make blunders like delivering the wrong Meals on Wheels box. But I have to live with that and drink a coffee or too!   I now actually need my Sunday laying on the sofa watching dvds and re-charging!

Thanks God!

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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