So where's the snow?

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Snow poor winter?



The ski resorts are open, so skiers don’t panic and there is half a meter of snow forecast for the coming half term weeks. But if you look at the piccies of a lot of the resorts, there are green frames to the slopes. Here in the valley, we’ve had one fall of 20cm, most of which has melted leaving a skittery yard of ice, but the hills are brown around us and the further south you drive, all the lower levels are snow free.  As I’ve blogged this year, we’ve had warm temperatures, rain (yes, rain!) and now it feels more like the beginning of March. This weekend, it snowed in all the northerly ranges of Salzburgerland and on Sunday morning I was ready with sharpened shovel – and nothing.  Once again, the Tauern mountains at Obertauern stopped the fall in its tracks.

As my predictions says, the snow was and is late, the resorts are still making loads of snow, and we’ve yet to have an appreciable dump of snow here in Madling. But it’s now a normal winter, if a bit snow poor.

So my new prediction- a couple of heavy falls in February and March, an early thaw and spring YAAAAAAAY! After 8 winters, I really don’t care about the snow any more, I’m no longer excited to see it fall. I see everyday where the grass is showing as a bonus.

Climate change? Could be, really not bothered! Older neighbours says its all happened before, but they all remark that the amount of snow is getting steadily less and less.  Roll on Spring!

‘What I think will happen is snow will be late due to the warm temperatures. The ski resorts will panic like before and create snow. The snow is going to arrive but will be soggy. The temperatures will stay in warm region and we’ll have a late, sluggish spring!’

Author: annarashbrook

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4 thoughts on “Snow poor winter?

  1. There’s no snow left for you because it’s all getting dumped in the U.S. at present! 😀


  2. Wising you a happy springtime, Anna! We only got one snowfall here in Seattle, so it is still always a treat. But once the primroses bloom and the tulips start to poke their noses out of the soil, I no longer hope for snow, but look ahead to spring.


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