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Crazy winter!

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Last weekend (Jan 10th) we had the most nutty weather.We knew a cold front was going to hit a warm front, but that’s not unusual, but the varitaion in temperature was extreme. It rose to +13, and as you can see all the snow in the yard melted leaving a sheet of ice. In the morning, I saw more of these fast moving clouds that refract the light, as I saw when this first happened,  they seem to be going with this phenomena. Its also I guess something to do with the angle of dun and light in the morning – both time it happened practically due south. Apparently it’s called cloud iridescence, and its not only due to the light but ice crystals!


The next day it snowed. Out came the snow shovels!All this week, its been lovely and cold,real winter, but with temperature inversion, that it was warmer at the top of the hills than here in the valley!


Now today, a week later, its doing it again. The temperature rose from +1 to +9 and back down again in a couple of hours.  I saw a tinge of colour in the fast moving skies, we’ll see of the 50 cm of snow predicted turns up tonight!


One thought on “Crazy winter!

  1. Beautiful skies! Have never seen anything like that.


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