So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

On being insulted

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Dave and I were enjoying our first day back in the UK, we were in Wareham in Dorset. We had browsed charity shops, looked in windows and had a scone and tea in  a cafe. So we decided to take the bus to Swanage. It was expensive, but we were so sick of the car we felt it would be a treat. We were stood in a bus stop with a couple of people and looked at the digital board withe bus times. Our bus was just up the High Street. Dave said, ‘Oh is that how long it takes to get to Swanage?’  ‘No, I replied, ‘that’s when the next bus is due’.  A little lady sat beside us replied, ‘Crumbs, I wouldn’t let him out on his own too often!’  Much sniggering from me, naturally.

Later on after a trip around the Curiosity Shop, the Hippie shop, more Charity shops, the Second hand book shop and more pasties in another cafe we decided to walk up the pier. I got the money ready and handed it to the guy who remarked, ‘that’s not bad for a woman’. Guess who was sniggering that time!

It was such a joy to understand all around me,I felt friendliness all around me. I feel that people were more friendly in the UK, so back home I’ve trying to see where is nicer………………..Sorry Austria, I’d rather be insulted in my own language where I can get the word play and humour.



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