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Shadows of War in Amiens



On our recent road trip from Cherbourg to home in Austria, we stopped overnight in Amiens in France.


What a sunrise!


The gloom made me think of all the battles that took place in the area, how cold the soldiers must have been in the trenches on such a cold December morning

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Shadowed.”


10 thoughts on “Shadows of War in Amiens

  1. Lovely and your thoughts are sobering. We visited the beaches of Normandy a few years ago and found the same combination of beauty and sadness.



    • We drove through areas for both wars and it was difficult to imagine them full of soldiers and death, but you’re right, there is a sadness…… good idea from your blog, have just given up diet coke – which I hear can be as bad for you as the full sugar one!!!!


  2. Beautiful colours… I think the first is my favourite, it’s looks like a painting, very evocative like you say.


  3. Beautiful and mystical. I love those colours – I don’t think I’ve seen a sunrise quite like that ever before!


    • Thanks.Only the first photo was taken on a standard setting, the others were on the dusk/dawn setting, so the colours were affected. I don’t believe in changing them beyond what the camera has done!


  4. The photos evokes sadness and mystery, then there is beauty.


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  6. Your shots evoke the cold you felt – well done.


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