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Snow Prediction!



As I write on October 10th, we’re having a real heatwave, and Indian summer, wonderful after it rained here from the middle of August until the end of September. Spring here was mild, after another late snow, which came intensively for about six weeks then went. The whole summer has been cool and damp – my geraniums were so poor. Every time they bloomed it rained and the petals rotted. Now just look at them in the greenhouse, basking in the warmth and flowering like it’s June! The sycamores here are just doing their yellow thing and the larches aren’t far behind.

So my winter prediction?  An early arrival of snow that stays, but leaves early next spring. November will be crisp and bright, not dull and brown.  Lots of snow that equals the precipitation of this summer. And cold, lots of lovely dry deep cold and sunshine. A great skiing season, and for us snowshoeing, as I’ve really given up with the Cross country due to my nerves!

Ok, I lie, that’s what I would like! What I think will happen is snow will be late due to the warm temperatures. The ski resorts will panic like before and create snow. The snow is going to arrive but will be soggy. The temperatures will stay in warm region and we’ll have a late, sluggish spring!


Author: annarashbrook

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2 thoughts on “Snow Prediction!

  1. it’s good that you have a greenhouse to keep those beautiful blooms protected.


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