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WPC Cover Art: Tom


scan0002This may look like a rather dull piccie of a house but it’s the image I used for my book, Tom. It means a lot to me because this was our first house, where we came home married,  the home we brought our new babies to, where we grew and changed but had eventually to leave. It is also the house where I imagined  the climax of the book. The whole book is set in this area, around Beaulieu, Hampshire in the UK. I often dream of this house when I’m worried, we are always having to leave it, as we did in real life. When I dream of this, I know I have some problem in my life I have to deal with.

This isn’t a plug for the ebook, this photo means a lot to me and I wouldn’t change my book cover for anything!

9 thoughts on “WPC Cover Art: Tom

  1. It has a lovely, old-fashioned feel to it.



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  4. The power of a picture! I think it is quite beautiful; it clearly is to you. Great entry.


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