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Meals on Wheels

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My absence from posting has been due to a really busy time and I rejoice in that. One of our little forays into the unknown has been volunteering in the village for meals on wheels and we’ve just had our second stint. I do find that right in the middle of the day, it really cuts into doing anything, but what ho! the fun supercedes this!  Dave has been under the Doctor’s knife so I found myself doing the first of the two weeks on my own.

The first time, the Landlady came with us and showed us the new clients who are scattered all over the village. Mostly pensioners and different stages of health. The first new house was a sad case of a man with cancer and on the oyxgen but friendly. His Mum gave me the why are you here in Lungau conversation but she was so sweet, in fact, I think she could do with the meals herself!  We then motored off to a couple by the Church, she’s on a losing diet, and he’s a typical Sergeant major, every time  I back along their little lane, he’s there waving me in and then making sure I dont forget the empty boxes.

Then came the interesting guy. Half way up the hill to Karneralm, he lives in an old farmhouse which we had though empty. The first time I was there, a couple of goats were bouncing around on the road! He has a funny manner and we were warned he is,’difficult’ . My second time, he wasn’t there, but had left a perfectly coherent note on the doorstep asking me to leave the food on the doorstep, I lost my fear of him, if he could so express himself.

A few days later, they told me in the pub that I had brought back a full box. I was so embarrassed. Then they said it was from the Wednesday so I realised it was from this guy, he hadn’t eaten it, and I had the note to show. Phew, that would have been so embarrassing!  Then the next time I was there, I got the abuse about the S&//$§t food, the rest was in dialect which I’m probably glad I didn’t understood. He had again left the food. When I told them so at the pub, they said he had earlier thrown the entire lot out of the window because he wants the eat, ‘Schweinsbraten’ or roast pork every day. The next time I was there he was more polite, I think someone had had a word with him.

We still have the original two, Mr Posch is often on the hill looking after his bees, we thought he was up there dead one time, but he was just having a doze!  He says its a bad year for bees but has promised me some honey -wow!

I think its such a gas doing this, one bonus was  when  I was by the church I met a familiar face, she’s a local artist and has said she will look at my miserable daubs and give me some tips – wow!

Then on my last day, two of the customers gave me a tip and a bottle of wine – I feel humbled!

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