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Garden time – pea harvest!



I think this year must be our all time best for peas – we only sowed one packet of sugar snap, but in three rows.


They were beginning to fall over- obviously not having read the packet on how high they should grow!


Nice warm damp summer and result – and we beat the caterpillars again. First we had to strip them from the vines.


Result, one third of the freezer filled with both podded peas and chopped entire peas. Note the laptop for musical accompaniment.


Now just need to not eat them all by the autumn!


Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

5 thoughts on “Garden time – pea harvest!

  1. Loved the post. We planted peas as well, left on vacation for 3 weeks and came back to a jungle. Sadly only got a couple of handfuls of peas this year, oh well there is always next year.


    • It certainly was our best year, a couple of times, like you, we’ve gone away just as they were ready and by the time we came back, the pods were full of little green bugs, chomping their way through them! I’m now gearing up for the broad beans!


      • We plan on heading to our dacha this weekend. Hopefully we will be harvesting a few more crops. We will see.


      • A Dacha, sounds so romantic! Have you by any chance read The House by the Dvina: A Russian Childhood
        by Eugenie Fraser? It’s an incredible insight into Russia at the outbreak of the first world war and the revolution. Have a great weekend! In your last blog about the inverted SAD,is this just of interest to you as its a reblog, or something you deal with, I wasn’t quite sure!!!


      • I reblogged it because I know that some expats suffer from different things and don’t know themselves what is going on. Being a expat I understand it may be difficult to recognize these types of experiences. Thought I’d share.


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