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My embarassing day!

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Superstition, which I pay no attention to says that things come in threes, but I’m not convinced……

I had a Shira day on Tuesday and so we two went off for a trot around what we call the block and en route we passed one of the holiday homes we look after. To my surprise, there was a Council van parked there and about six people leaning over the fence, looking at the cellar. I must admit I panicked and thought something was up. The worker replied to my question it was all to do with grass cutting, to which I replied, Dave had only cut that grass an hour previously, but no, it turned out a tractor was on the bike path with a flail cutter and they were raking up the stones and bits of trees that had been left behind. It seems they were discussing the house and how it used to flood before the back was built up, to which I could happily reply it never did now.  Ice broken, we chatted,Shira was given a biscuit and we trotted on our way, me going, OH Help, was I too unfriendly, what are they saying……


Later that day I had to drive to Murau, and on the way found a cow standing on the main road. No One insight but a man working in a shed. When I called him , yes he said, they’re coming in for milking – I hadn’t seen the opened fence. But there was no on there, I justified myself. As I drove on, I felt God saying to me, don’t embarrass yourself again, Zip it, I was on the way to a PCC meeting.

The meeting was all to do with a contract for the Pastor, and the Superintendent was there, who I thought was a bit of a dummy, but he went up in my estimation as he held the meeting and conflicts to order. I did find my ire rising over our own area, the Lungau being neglected, but managed to get a pint in that we should have a planning meeting.  Then due to boring church rules ( I could hear Jesus saying, how long do I have to put up with this), no PCC in the Bible, we had to vote REALLY secretly as a technicality for the Pastor. I really wanted a bit of time to think about this, and was panicked again. But finally voted in the affirmative.

Only to realise, I’d spelt it in English………..

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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