So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow


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We chose to walk to the tube station when we left each morning on our travels, and it was just as well I just had the little camera, I drove husband and daughter a but scatty as it was!  The road was a microcosm of Vienna’s history. A lot of the buildings had dates on them. There were plaques remembering famous Austrians who had lived there, who built the house, and reminders of different forms of architecture.

What had me most enthralled was the old carriage doors, leading to the yards behind, where the stables had been: Sometimes I got a sneak view. Horses and carriages of course long gone. But echoes. And the height of the building, as we found in ours was a real sound barrier to the street. In our hotel there was a rampant Blackbird madly in love singing his heart out, and he seemed loud. These back yards were maybe the real life of the street. Even when walking past the shops, the present day stories, failed businesses, new one staring up, cheap store, the market place where all the down and outs gathered all day even had its own bit of contemporary art. The old town museum was now a bank -sign of the times.

Yet we concluded, this is a microcosm of European city life, and made me glad of the quietness and greenness of Madling. Still, I did wish for some time alone with my old camera, making a study of the older part of the street, sneaking through doors and gaining insights – maybe another day!


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