So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Oh BelVedere! Vienna visions



On a hot afternoon we arrived at the Belvedere Schloss, Art Gallery whatever you may care to call it to do our Art bit. Stef wanted to see the Klimt pictures, and we were happy to see anything!


Being late June, I don’t think the crowds were too bad, there were a lot of school trips about, and the usual Japs. We did have an altercation in the tube station when we didn’t listen to the Boss about how to get there, but we did eventually!


Oh, these gormless tourists………

Typically of Vienna, this is a huge Castle, where in fact a certain Franz Ferdinand stayed here  just before a fateful trip 100 years ago…… We waltzed around the pictures, but it really wasnt possible to get a good look at the Klimts – badly lit and too many people.  I fell for the mysterious picture above by Emil Schindler, called Pax, and that really was better than the piccie above, but still badly lit.


We only did half of the Belvedere – there being an upper and a lower. However, on the way out in the gardens, a bright spark had the idea of putting this mirror out for selfies and ordinary piccies- think we had the most fun here!


Having wandered through, I wanted to see more and we went outside and discovered the Botanical gardens at the side of the Schloss, a little respite from the city and for tree buffs a real treat.


Exhausted we made our way back to the Hotel. In its favour, there was a nice restaurant on the way in, we stuffed our faces and had an early night.


We used a Vienna travel card which you can buy for 1, 2 or 3 days, you just activate it on your first mode of transport. I ordered it on the post because you cannot buy them anywhere on a Saturday. You really need to think about this as the extra discounts offered are a bit paltry – about 1 or 2 euros an entry, you really need to be shopping lots or doing a lot of entries.

DSCN2821A three day standard travel card isn’t much cheaper. But I guess we got our money’s worth out of it. We never had it checked the whole time we were in Vienna, shows what an honest lot they must be!  But the fines are huge if you get caught.  The travel system is amazing and efficient and people actually give up their seats to others, very polite!




2 thoughts on “Oh BelVedere! Vienna visions

  1. We used the Vienna card too. I’m not sure we ended up in front financially but it was convenient. I too found the trains clean. we did get ‘lost’ at one stage too but found our way eventually


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