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Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Tree Eating Moths……..



Last year, along with the drought, there were a lot of trees in the Lungau that were infested with caterpillars. They form nests, strip the tree and then I daresay make a cocoon somewhere. Yet, I certainly didn’t notice many  more moths mooching about  last autumn. However, there are even more affected trees this summer and they show up so much now that all the trees are in leaf.


Quite ghostly with the horrible nests and cobwebs they make, even turning the bark white. I suppose, like the plague of flies in our attic, they’re a result of the relatively mild winter. Lets hope this winter  is a really cold one and kills the little b*§$&ers off!


It’s called the winter moth. Apparently the males abound in the autumn, but the females are flightless or near so, and once mated lay the eggs in the bark of the tree, and once they  hatch, the caterpillars are chewing away, sometimes before the leaf emerges.  The tree will recover, even putting a second show of leaf on.

These ones in the picture below have started munching on grass, that could be a problem!


Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

5 thoughts on “Tree Eating Moths……..

  1. Thank you very much ! ❤


  2. Tell me a little more about yourself and what you are studying!


    • I am studying in architecture master degree, currently sorting out all the architecture works for graduation. Natural always inspired me to think about architectural design.

      One of my design is about how to use urban design to deal with the renewal of the area around the old train station in Taiwan, because I think that the station is a place where the citizens are “living”, so I tried to think about how animals build nests to make themselves “live” . Your photos inspired me about the design thinking should not to start on the building but on the environment. Cocoon nets was build to compromise with the environment, so I thinking about to do something which can compromise with the messy urban texture around the station and can make it a good place for people to “live”.


  3. Hello, I am a student of architecture from Taiwan.
    Your photography inspired me to think about architectural design and I would like to know that can I quote your photographic works in my portfolio as a reference? (the second image in this article ) Nothing will be changed except for the size of the image. Wait for your reply. Thank you!


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