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The Mayor’s daughter and the Farmer’s son by Erin Cressey

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I haven’t felt writing a book review for ages, and I don’t really like doing negative ones, but this book had me spitting bricks. The premise of the story, the plot and the writing are actually quite good. BUT the writer has written a book set in the USA in the 40s and 50s and tried to pass it off as being in the UK during the war. She hasn’t done any proper research, and I didn’t get more than a quarter though the book before I slung it. Of course, I may be completely wrong, and she’s English which makes it worse!

Worst bits- someone starting a Jam shop during the war -um, sugar was rationed, there wasn’t enough to go around. It started in 1939 in the UK but 1942 in the US. Occasionally mentioning the war, oh yes, there were some bombs – just remembered to put that in half way through, even teenagers were aware of things like the black out!  The heroine’s father being the Mayor of the town – as if it was a life job like a Lord.  The hero finding a job on a fishing boat – considering most of the coast was closed and patrolled. Finally a ‘Calling Letter’ it was a Call-up card. The writer tries to get around her lack of knowledge by saying the facts and events are different to reality -cop out. Why set it during war of it’s not going to have a bit of fact? Set the book in the USA and be done with it.

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