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Game of Life – Book review

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Ice muster BB

I know loads of people are hooked on the Game of Thrones books and TV series, but I’ve never got into serial dynastic punch-ups, I even got a bit bogged down with The Lord of the Rings. But I have found a similar book which I’m surprised  hasn’t been made into a TV series, and I’ve read it several times. Sweet start which quickly descends into chaos, storms and floods, inter kingdom punch ups and even some genocide – not really my thing. However, what links this all together is the story of a search for one man that goes down the generations,  a very wibbly wobbly timey wimey thing.  Each time you think the character is the one, he blows it in some way. There’s loads of supernatural symbols and tales and stories and great special effects, so hippies and tekky freaks are happy.   Finally, right at the end, the right guy gets found (as in all good plots), and he gets a cult following, until the climax when everyone turns on him and he gets murdered in a most vicious way.  But like many of these characters, he comes back again and the book ends on one of these catalytic warning stories but which is also a great tale of hope,  leading into a sequel, as the book shows he’s still around, never in fact left.

Do I need to tell you which book I mean?

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