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IBQ Writing Prompt: What is Happiness?

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A patch of sunlight

To me, right at the moment, to be happy, I need solitude. It’s been a long hard winter, and there are still no prospects of work. I’m ok at home, when I get the peace and quiet to do the things that I enjoy, without negative comments and questioning.  I’m sleeping badly due to thyroid problems and the menopause, so a complete night’s sleep would make me happy too.  I have Shira the Goldie to look after tomorrow, so walking her tomorrow will make my day.

Yet real happiness would be a day with the house to myself. I don’t want it forever, or at the cost of a huge argument. To bend God’s ear at any moment, seeking his quiet voice.  To write diaries and blogs. To finally tackle painting again. To read a few pages of a book. To eat or not eat when I feel like it. And quiet. There is always the TV or radio on due to my other half’s tinitus. So I want quiet. Where I can hear the thrush and blackbird singing in the garden over the roar from the waterfall. To maybe go to bed at 7.30 and read without justifying myself.  I think back to last summer which I christened  the Cowbell summer, where during the heat wave I sat and read and wrote with all the windows open to the music of the swallows and the bells from the nearby field.  Maybe if I can remember this is my mind the peace will return. Just one day.

Yet despite this,  three things have put a smile on my face today, unexpected blessings. Taking a surprise 85th  birthday pressie to one of our clients on the Meals on Wheels round, an unexpected hug born of real pleasure from one of the neighbours who I haven’t seen for a while, and the black squirrel running along the garden fence, spotted as I sit here at the screen. I can wait for my day.

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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