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Georgi-ritt, Thomotal

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Note the guy dodging the whips!!

St George is not only the patron saint of England, he’s the patron saint of horses and riders!

We’ve been going to this ride in Thomotal on and off since we’ve been here, and I seem to have gone from photoing every single horse to finding new angles and something new. These pictures are taken from over the past seven years, not including the time I went without the memory stick in the camera!!


This year I got some new ideas and discovered the wonder of the church in the village.The ride starts out of the village and the guys with the bull whips come first. A real test of trust. A couple of years ago one of the horses was a tad frisky and I felt the whip get too close, so now I tend to stand well out of the way.


Then the marching band from the village.


Then the different rider groups from the area,


including Lois my old boss with his Icelandic horses.


Norikers, ridden and pulling carriages.


Then some families and their horses.



On the village green, everyone lines up, the riders are thanked and the horses blessed with  sprinkling of water.


Then the parade takes another route around the village going faster each time!

P1070712 (2)

Then some horses and riders make their way home, while others stop for a beer break.



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