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Spring sowing

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Spot the dog! Shira has not quite got the idea of bombing yet!

April 23rd.

Its that time of year when  the seeds go into the veggie garden and the waiting game begins, three days earlier than last year!  This year we’ve cut back on runner beans and courgettes – I found last year the courgettes tasted digusting from frozen, and the marrows although they kept until January in the cellar had an odd taste.  More Okaido squashes, broad beans. The parsnips we’ve doubled too.  Loads more strawberries for jam. Maybe in hope that so many seeds will flummox whatever caused the crop failure last year. Our neighbour Lizzie has said her garden is full of Wuhlmaus’s and moles – oops!  We’ve had the vibrator deterrent on for ages and have put stinky gas down every hole we’ve dug.  And now the cherries, plums and apples are flowering. I hope the Elderberries will be as good as last year, we’ve drunk nearly all of the great wine from last autumn!  So loads of piccies to come in the next couple of weeks I’m sure!


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