So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Those naughty Gams!

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We did our first walk in the mountains on April 6th, quite late again. And as always it was up the Weisspriach hill past the Diktler hut and by the river. We even took the closed route -which has had a warning sign on it but the wear on the path indicates its ignored. We could see the reason, there is a large landslip and there were new stones on the ground. But to my surprise, we could see animals grazing on the hill. I had my old trusty and zoomed in on the group. In seven years, I’ve never seen one that isn’t stuffed and in a pub. Here was a whole gang of Gams.

P1260001 (3)

Of course, Dave and I were a bit worried, bacause when you see a denkmal picture (deathogram) depicting someones untimely end , there’s always a Gams lurking in the background with a wicked grin on its face. But happily for us, none of them were manning the machine guns or the trip wires because the were hungry, but at last, for me some live wildlife!!!!! oh and we might call a Gams in English a Chamoix!


Spot the Gams


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