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Blogging 201- Input please!


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Those jolly guys at WordPress who are the hosts for my blog are running a two week challenge with assignments to improve one’s blog. So I thought it can do no harm, I can’t spend my life doing challenges to increase some readership, but I am happy with writing as I do, being a  lifelong diarist. So on the first task I had to set some goals.

The first one was to do this plea blog! Does this blog work for you? What would you change to improve readership? Do I have too many strands or themes?

Second: To get to know my wonderful followers and the blogs I follow better. To comment and learn from their success.

Third to increase my followers to 200 by Christmas.



4 thoughts on “Blogging 201- Input please!

  1. A great start, it’s a good idea! (Now I’m sorry that this idea didn’t occur to me too…) I’d like to comment on your choice of theme (or design, if you like): I do love it on the whole, but on my screen your blog shows as a very narrow column in the middle with lots of blue space on the sides — for me the strip of the blog is too tiny, also the font is almost too tiny for me to read. But I realise this might be an issue with my computer rather than with your blog.


  2. It shows the same on my screen, not sure if it’s something to do with how it’s set up or not. I love your snow scene picture, that being said – I am more than ready for Spring here. 🙂


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