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God’s Plan, are we on our breakthrough?



Our recent trip to Salzburg was to see the Chamber of Commerce (well that’s how I translate it) the WKO about the correct information on Dave going self employed. We had the luxury of an interview in English and correct information. It is far more do-able than we thought, we just have to go out now and find the work. I can even be employed by Dave and partially insured!

So we could be working as a team looking after holiday houses, the only problem is the winter. If we have more than two changeovers on a day, we cannot physically do it. But it would free us up to support ourselves and do more direct work serving the community.

In this area, we have just started a stint helping with Meals on Wheels in the village. Two of the guest houses take it in turn to cook and we go and collect. Our first day was hilarious as the Guest house being on its first week as well as us didn’t know where one of the ladies lived, but we followed the boss and we found her waiting for us at the side of the road. Another lady denied having ordered but the Kindergarten was pleased we were early!  We are believing that this will lead us into more contact around and maybe to some work for Dave.

And we are believing for the financial break though that will supply us with enough money to keep us going  because as as yet there will not be enough money to support both of us.

Great, we’re on our way!

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

7 thoughts on “God’s Plan, are we on our breakthrough?

  1. great news Anna. good luck to you and Dave. keep us up to date.


  2. The very best of luck with your venture!


    • Thanks!! My son who is the train specialist in the family likes your train photos, which is big praise for him!!!


      • Hi Stephen, can you tell me, how does my blog show up on your computer? Someone just flagged up that it has a lot of blue around the side and the script is small. Be interested to hear!


      • Like a ray of sunshine!

        The space between the edge of the blog area and the window edge is filled with a graduated blue – which shrinks or grows as the window is reduced or increased. I would suggest it is compatible with the other blue tones on your blog. As to the text size, it’s smaller than my web here but larger than the text on my churches blog (which some might find tiny) .
        One thing to bear in mind, is that representation of text size is likely to differ depending on monitor pixel pitch.
        I don’t have any problem reading your blog as is.


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