So where's the snow?

Muddling through in Austria, God and life, teaching and gardening plus the occasional cow

Travel theme:Pink



I soooooo agree,  the snow has only been here a short time in our little Austrian valley and spring is coming on so quickly in this unusual warmth.


I can’t wait for real spring, and the cherry tree for me is the symbol.


This was our last garden in England

I have always had a flowering cherry tree when I have lived somewhere for any length of time, just love the juxtaposition of blue, pink and white!



9 thoughts on “Travel theme:Pink

  1. Such a tender color in your pictures. Glad spring has arrived in Austria too 🙂


  2. I can almost hear the pink blossoms whisper under their heavenly blue satin sheets.
    Adorable pictures.


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  5. those blossoms are so beautiful


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  8. Your garden in England was lovely. So glad you have some spring. As we already talked about in the Weekly Photo Challenge, I can’t wait for it to arrive here, too.



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