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A Good Rotter!

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IMG_0300Last Sunday saw the five yearly election of new Mayors in Salzburg and a count of party popularity.  We were here for the last one and on visits from local candidates received honey, a cookery book, firelighters and so on. So I was only joking this year when I said, would we get another free breakfast – and we did delivered on the Sunday before the election!


Wot the other lot brought!

This time we took a little more interest, having met the Mayor and found him a good bloke.  His was the party that brought the free brekky. (Not getting into names here). He even came round for a chat this time – maybe becasue we are now going to be invlolved with Meals On Wheels in the village  – or he knew he was running into trouble!!!!!  We got a free bottle of wine – labelled with a ‘Guter Roter’ which  I translated for this title , well I thought it funny!


So no bribery and corruption here, and not every village did freebies!  He had our vote, he has been Mayor for at least ten years, and we thought had done a good job. The other parties had nothing else to offer except to take over the policies and projects he has instigated. So it was a shock when he was narrowly beaten!  It seems that when there was all the argument in the village over a proposed Kraftwerk (power station) people weren’t too happy with how he dealt with it, and this swung the vote. It was academic because in the National elections, a new party against it came in and the idea was dropped. So a new broom. Will the new guy be so happy with us foreigners getting involved in Village life?

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