So where's the snow?

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Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow

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Our terrace after Christian was at work!


Here’s one we had earlier!

After our whacky January, we now seem to be getting shedloads of snow. Today (Feb 16th) we had 37 cms which I read on our snow-ometer (OK, its the picnic table on the terrace and a ruler). We may have had more in one fall in years past, I wish we had measured before. It is heavy wet snow, and it was a relief that Christian our neighbour has mended his snow plough and blower and we left him with several of his mates happily blowing snow all over the place!


We had to drive into Tasmweg in the morning and that was interesting as the snow was still coming down and the plough  hadn’t been through for a while. On coming back, we turned into our little bottle neck lane and ground to a halt – the plough had now been through and left a heap blocking it. Dave managed to get going after one of Christian’s mates gave us a shove and then got stuck again going into our yard. More lads appeared and I reversed in- we had to laugh as Christian turned up and they all raced down the lane and sat on his car bonnet to give him traction to drive backwards up the little hill.  In the middle of the afternoon it got up to +5 and there was a thaw, apparently it is going to freeze tonight – more fun!

This week I begin my first course teaching at the Volkshochschule (evening classes), and Dave takes another German course. I feel far more confident as I passed my TEFl course. I just wish I could hear from Ibisacam if I’ll be working for them in May – I want to really plan it this time!  So we’re keeping ourselves busy, we even got the Cross country skis out last week. It was very warm, and a lot of the time the snow was sticking, but it made it easy to walk up a slope. Hopefully, the snow now will stay long enough for us to get out again!


Today, I actually had some Green finches at the bird table and coming out of Tamsweg we saw the now huge flock of Field fares settled on the snow. We also had a brief visit from a small group of Long tailed tits. I wonder where all our usual birds are?



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