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Revelation about Revelation

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Thanks Ken, you’ve helped so much!  The  argument he puts for Revelation has put it all in perspective!

Firstly, the book was written with urgency and immediacy, for people at the time it was written. Nothing was there that they could not understand.  It says clearly that these things will shortly take place. It was written in the middle of the First century, and warned of the coming destruction which did indeed happen when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans and there was a mass genocide of the Jewish nation.

Like all of the Bible, what is in it is relevant for the time. For example Paul’s letters are to his contemporary society, and so have one element of being for then.  However there is a spiritual theme, and a deeper dimension that we can take at anytime so that we can learn and read through God’s word. Revelation is the same. So through this historical apocalypse we can learn about God’s majesty and  his love, his greatness and his wonderfulness. The imagery is of both the destruction of the time AND the story of Jesus’s birth AND our salvation (clearly spelled out in CH12).  He is reigning NOW and his majesty is throughout Revelation. It’s not a real Babylon, but is symbolic of all the people who have rejected him- their fate is the subtext in the whole book.

At one stageI did begin to wonder  if all this has happened, and Jesus is here with us on earth, then there will be no second coming, and that made all that I see around me in nature and events a bit bleak. That all this will just go on and on, it felt quite depressing.

BUT, obviously,  a new heaven and earth have not come down,so they ARE still to come and will come. The  prophesy is only partially finished, he will come, he was and IS to come, Whoopeee!

This may seem a short and simplistic overview, just read  Ken for more detail, but it satisfies me, it’s an eternal long running prophesy, partially finished. So it WILL happen although the worst is over, there’s no need to go into all this hunting for signs that have happened. Just be ready each day, live for Christ, love your neighbour as yourself and tell people

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