So where's the snow?

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Snow report!

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Another strange winter, although it’s not that unusual. We had lots of snow in the autumn which had the ski resorts open two weeks early, then not a lot.  There has been the occasional falls but nothing like the norm. Here in the valley, we have snow on the ground, unlike last year, but no falls predicted for us which is fine by me. The only trouble is ice. Our north side yard froze over and then on Sunday it RAINED, result an underwater skating rink!  Thank heavens for our neighbour who legged it out and put gravel down. Its now gone mild (well relatively) with plus temperatures in the day and minus at night with the net result the ice is melting. I wouldn’t mind some of the USA’s snow, some of the real stuff and I dare say the skiers would too!  For holiday makers the season is fine, the only problem is the hard prepared ski pistes. Schumacher aside, the paper said that there have been 9 deaths already this year with 250 injured each day, due to the aforesaid pistes and an awful lot of holiday makers!  And people say I should take up skiing!

One thought on “Snow report!

  1. Me too, I wouldn’t mind some of the snow they have in the US.


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