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God, German and Grammar



My English course has definitely been a far better experience this time, although there was a low point and I thought it was all going to go pear shaped again, but it was a wake up call, and I learnt  from God and prayed and asked his guidance  and I’m just so enjoying my group. We were all laughing so much this morning, we didn’t get much done.

I see mistakes I’ve made and I’ve got many new ideas. Grammar is always a sticking point and I’m trying a new idea. Say Grammar and they freak out. The problem with  German is that it just doesn’t have the same tenses as English, in fact several don’t exist at all. So you have to stop students trying to compare. So this week when doing the future tense, I didn’t tell them.  I just asked them continually what were they going to do. And they were all answering totally unaware what I was up to. Then I played Que Sera by Doris Day and blow me down they were all singing- more of a success than when I played Perfect day by Lou Reed to start off adjectives!  So oldies are the key.  We then watched a video on the tense, there’s an English company on UTube that are brilliant, I hereby plug  The lady who likes to learn by listening could then sit at the back and hear, not be stuck in front of me and her noisy neighbours. Then we wrote practise sentences, and we did sheets together. Result – an apparently happy class!

So what oldies should I use for Present and Past tense – any ideas???????


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