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Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Advent Crowns!

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Since we’ve been here, I’ve always had an Advent Crown or Kranz to celebrate the four Sundays in Advent. No religous significance for me, I just like Christmas. I’ve also always gone to the local church service where people take their crowns and get them blessed with  incense. I did wonder why, until I found just how quickly the candles can burn down, through the reef and to the table. However, this year, Dave said lets make one, so we did!


We bought a straw ring from a local shop and then Dave hacked our hedge and bound the small branches to the ring. We then put the little candle holders in, they have a big pin underneath and one on top for the candle.


I bought a set of four different sizes, so will light the largest first. I also bought a metalled plate as a fire precaution! Then I added lots of bits, with this year’s green and silver theme (!) .


Austrian crowns have four candles (No two Ronnies jokes here), so in best Blue Peter Tradition, I added my own fifth one for Christmas day! Here’s one I burnt earlier!P1190080


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