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Well, I’ve been out of work since I finished the English teaching, and have had the most wonderful summer, as I’ve wittered on previously. I really have had enough of trying for jobs and getting it wrong.  So I said to God, no more.  If you want me to work, let the work be sent to me.  I will be obedient when the Job centre send things and I must apply, but beyond that, I am enjoying home life!

Last week I get a call from the Volkshochschule asking me for ideas for a couple of evening classes, so I went in and met a lovely lady, threw ideas about and left it with her.  Complete peace. God has totally healed me from all the pain and damage of the course I taught.

This morning I had a call from the company who I taught English through this summer. Grovelling. Asking me back. Boy, they must have been desperate. Dave and I prayed about it.  I really was gobsmacked. But my heart was lifted. Ideas are bombing around my head. It couldn’t be any worse than last time.  This time I will do it in HIS strength. Maybe last time was a teaching  for me.  I had been saying to God, how I would rather be teaching with passion about him than anything else.  Then he reminded how I felt I was serving him when I taught riding.  Serving others and blessing him.  We have a new House church staring in our house this autumn. I have permission from the PCC to begin investigating finding rooms for the Protestant church in Tamsweg.

Astonished!  I start on Monday.

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