So where's the snow?

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Late Autumn and Paggy again!

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2007 and on that year it snowed on the 20th


October 6th this year

The unusual weather seems to be continuing -although, who am I to say, we’ve only been here for nearly seven years!  I find the best way of checking is though my photos ,here’s a selection on comparable dates. How much is my perception and how much is real?


2008, on the 6th, yellow chestnuts, cherries still green, didn’t snow.

We haven’t had a proper frost, the blip which comes in September only brought a slight frosting on the grass one morning.  The sycamore trees which usually give us a golden breeze in September have hardly changed,and the Chestnut trees have barely changed and they are usually the first.


2009, 5th, sycamores and ashes bare, snowed on the 13th!

P1240359We’ve had some rain, but its been mainly dry.  We’ve had some stunning weather with warmth and clear blue skies. We were out walking the other day and they were harvesting the spuds at the same time as a last sneaky cut of silage or haylage or what ever you want to call it….not seen that in October since 2007.


2010, 9th, taken from the Burg, much more colour, by the 24th most trees were bare but no snow.

But maybe this is payback for the drought, an extended growing season so that the second or third cut can be made.  The valleys are full of cows, munching like mad on the remaining grass which is luxuriantly green, but with little goodness in it.


2011 6th, Ash trees bare, can’t have been a frost either as the Nasturtiums still flowering, but it snowed down the valley the next day!


This year, much greener!

I expect the farmers will keep them out as long as the grass grows.  Its delayed the mice moving into our friends holiday house too.  I’ve seen the Nutcrackers but they didn’t hang about.


2012, 6th, trees all much barer, but no snow that month!

P1240425Some finches and sparrows have turned up, and are feeding along with the resident Great Tits. We’ve out a new extension on the table as I want to discourage the Crackers, I think they scared the smaller birds.


2013, Hay and Spuds together!

In Paggy’s garden, there are two Jays feeding on his unpicked plums.  Paggy is in hospital again, he had a busy week, with getting his wood cut for the winter.  He had two local guys helping with this, but they both get on the sauce, and then he had a visit, which involved wine and schnapps. The next night he fell and spent the night on the floor wrapped in a blanker, with a stunning black eye.  So we’re visiting him, at first he said it was because he had eaten too strong chillies, then admitted it was maybe a light heart problem, then said the Doc reported his heart like a 20 year olds……He hopes to be home next week, but we think it may be longer as he’s lying around in the bed, looking ever more frail and and asked us to buy him beer!

So I really was right when I sad we’d put the geraniums in too early……and autumn is definitely behind this year!

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