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A Room with a View

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I know that sometimes I’m a bit slow on the uptake but……I’ve spent most of the summer sat on the sofa doing my writing as the kitchen chair makes my back ache, even substituting it for a stool didn’t work.  I do some painting in the spare room, then it suddenly dawned on me, write in there! I look directly out the window, see picture and its sunny.  How it’ll be in the winter I don’t know, the warmth is in the kitchen!

But for now I’ll write here. Its been such a blessed summer after the disaster of my teaching job. I’ve called it the Cowbell summer (see earlier blog) . I could quite happily stay home permanently with my writing and not socializing a lot.  How I’ll feel when it snows or pours I dont know! At the moment as soon as I get up, I throw all the windows open. Mild claustrophobia?

Dave wants to turn the flat on its head, moving the kitchen to the spare room, so that it’s a guestroom with effectively an en-suite.  Personally I don’t think it matters, if people walk through the living room. Giving up my view of the Mur and my sunny kitchen is a real battle, but I’ve surrendered. I could then use the old  kitchen as a work room. ………

If I could make a living out of writing, it would supplement the windfall that Dave and I are praying for, to release us from unemployment so we can work entirely for the Lord.  We could open a drop in, clothes, coffee shop, small chapel in one of the many shops now becoming vacant in Tamsweg as the new shopping centre is open.  This is the dream we believe God has put on our hearts.

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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  1. Amazing view!


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