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Last Chance to download TOM for FREE!


I have had great fun with this book, but it’s time to call it a day. Its free this weekend then will be off the shelves, enjoy and maybe drop me a line here if you do actually read it! It’s available from Friday 4th October to Monday 7th October, starting at 12.00 am Standard Pacific time!


Have I mentioned that I wrote a book??????

Fleeing to the countryside from London to escape another bad relationship, Clare hopes to make yet another new start that will finally sort out her life. She finds things aren’t so simple as her best friend Sylvie is abroad leaving Clare to share the house with enigmatic and moody Alex. Clare soon finds work and a new livelihood but still finds that all her relationships with men seem doomed to failure.Alongside the tale of Clare’s new life runs the story of Tom’s troubled childhood and adolescence. How will he fit into her new world?Set in the 1990s, before widespread use of Mobiles and the Internet, ‘Tom’ is not only a sinister tale of lost identity, possession and mental illness but also a journey to fulfilment and love as Clare, Alex, Tom and Sylvie find healing and faith.

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

5 thoughts on “Last Chance to download TOM for FREE!

  1. I didn’t kno you were an author. Congratulations! I must confess that I do not have a Nook or Kindle, so I can’t really download this. I know I will have to step up to the times and get one, if only so that I can read my friends books! I break out in a sweat when it comes to learning how to use a new piece of technology, which is why I have put it off. But my kids will be here over the winter break, and they are the best tutors ever, so I will take the plunge then.


    • My reading world has been transformed with the kindle, it s so easy to use. Buying books over the Net isn’t the same as browsing in a shop and English books aren’t exactly on the shelves here. When Stef bought my, I was over the moon. It isn’t the same as a real book, but I can download at will. I have about 400 on it at the moment. I rarely pay for one as you can download from the free list on Amazon, it’s such a luxury to know I always have something to read! Tom will actually still be available by Christmas as someone (!) messed up and can’t remove it for three months! Actually all this has inspired me to do a blog on my other blogs, which will come up soon!!!!!!


  2. It sounds like a good read! I will try. Congratulations!


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