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The Austrian Red Cross Garden Party with Speed Olympics

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How’s that for a mouthful!   In German, ‘Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz Gartenfest mit Geschicklichkeitsolympiade’ This was our local Red Cross in Ramingstein and it was really a team competition for prizes such as a night at a local hut!  Later there was music, and of course there was beer and sausages.


The games were all done with beer tables  a ramp and bandages. They used a dummy on a stretcher for one game.  Such fun, no H&S, but there were the occasional peeps  who could do First Aid there!


I asked what it took to become a member of the local group and you can’t do anything until you have done 100 hours training,  and then its all service. so it’s not as fun as St John in the UK, so I thought stuff it.  I’d imagined it as something good to get to know people and do something to help. P1230794

Of course, the Red Cross has a completely different role here, being the country’s ambulance service, although staffed by volunteers.  Still the party was fun and maybe we should get the English gang to form a team next year!!


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