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Muddling through in Austria; God, life and a small black dog

Early Autumn, garden update!

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September 3rd

The weather has really changed, and autumn is beginning.  We’ve had nights with the temperature down as low as 5 degrees and the geraniums are showing a little red on some leaves which means it may go down lower.  We’ve had loads of rain, so the frantic watering is a thing of the past.


My flower bed has had  a second rush of colour as the plants have had a drink.  The courgettes are slowing but we have had four Hokkaido squashes and have some ordinary marrows enjoying the sun before they go down into the cellar. The runner beans are putting on a late rush, some twit planted them right in front of the view from my kitchen window, well at least they wont be there next year. The sweet corn is ripening and the few carrots we’ve tasted are great and with still a little growth to come.


The tomatoes and aubergines have done well, so I’ll soon be making ratatouille for the freezer. I’ve got so bored with boiled courgettes that this year I’ve  baked them so easy with a bit of oil for browning and much tastier. The peas and carrots have been amazing despite the drought too!


I’m just waiting for the elderberries to ripen for the second vintage of Chateau Rashbrook wine.  The first lot may be drinkable for Christmas, it was like paintstripper last time we tasted. I’m going to try a different recipe this year for a sweeter, thicker wine.


The real failures are the broccoli and turnips. For some reason they are infested with beetles, see previous blog, but the sprouts show some hope that we’ll have some for Christmas.  The parsnips failed to germinate and so we have one for Christmas day.  All as long as that perishing Wühlmaus doesn’t move back in again. We do daily checks for signs of holes and munching!  But if her does, we’ll just harvest them from under his little snout!



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