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Travel theme: multicoloured



It’s dawned on me, that so many readers of my blog come from a different hemisphere.  So what ever you have, we’re in the early stages of autumn.


The flowers are hanging on with their last blooms of the year and the late flowers such as the Dahlias coming into their own.  P1210296 So here’s some autumn multicolours, to be enjoyed as long as possible  before winter comes!



11 thoughts on “Travel theme: multicoloured

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  2. Wonderful colors. Although fall’s approaching quickly, we don’t really have any fall colors here in the Chicago area yet. I’m sure we will soon.



  3. Our weather is changing as well. We have been having very cool nights and the weathermen are predicting a hard frost tonight.


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  6. I like your photos and and yes…your autumn…our spring. Makes the challenges even more challenging sometimes.


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  10. The colours of the last picture remind me of drawings on Japanese kimono’s. So fragile.


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