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What a weekend! Sunday

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Those happy, dancing, Samson feet!

So on to the last service for this year in the Catholic church at Mariapfarr.  It was here I came to realise how I enjoy the services here far more than in our usual chapel in the Old people’s home.  Maybe because it’s used mostly for funerals?  It was pouring with rain but it didn’t dampen spirits.  Heidi took the service and she repeated the reading from 1 Kings 19, v1 -18 that Tadek did earlier in the summer. He had concentrated on the need for a break and time to listen to God.  Heidi took the line of after the break you need to come out of your cave and do God’s bidding after you’ve  heard his word. She also used some songs that had familiar tunes but German words.  For the first time since I’ve been here, I felt fed and filled with the peace of the Holy Spirit after and during  a service.  I was ready to take the reins up again of this life. We all chatted and went home in the rain.  Dave and I were going to go to the horse fair in Mauterndorf, but apparently the parking was chaos, so we went and exercised the sofa for the afternoon. The phone rang in the evening and Dave’s Dad is in hospital with a chest infection.  Getting better though.  So I opened my big mouth and said have you considered that we’re a bit unfair on your family leaving them with all the responsibilty for him?  But if we were to move back, we could be just as far away travelling wise if we were in Wales for example, after all we can do door to door to the UK in eight hours.  Then he could just die and we’d  have burnt our boats. We managed to conclude we must talk to his brothers first. Kevin does seem to like the caring. As soon as we started discussing this, my stomach began to knot up, maybe I don’t want to go back as much as I thought!

Monday: So as it rains I am sat here, with the smelly dog peacefully sleeping at my feet –she’s in no hurry for a wet walk.  I’ve been writing this all out.   Dave and I must talk about  recommitment.  We’ve been asking for signs and instructions and we have been given them, just I was too dumb to read them the right way.


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