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Drought in the Lungau

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One of the things that attracted us here, was the greenness of Austria.  Of course that means a high rainfall.  So this year has been a bit of a shock.  Temperatures up to the middle 30 degrees and no rain.  This followed a very cold, late spring after  a snow famine in January, then major floods (the 100 year flood it’s called).  Last summer we had heat, with downpours in between. The fields are now turning brown, and the farmers, having had a late first hay crop, have now had a scanty second, with some having to bring cows down from the Alm, because there is no grass, so they are having to feed this winters hay. Some are even having to sell their stock.


I give the Government here it’s due. With all the tales of Maize crops drying out, wheat not forming on the straw, plus the hay situation, they have very quickly stepped in with emergency payments. I dare say this will still need many duplicate forms filling out, knowing the love of beurocracy here, but at least they’re quick to respond, not like the EU.

Last night, we though we would get a reprieve as a sneaky cold front was going to cross this African blast. The skies did darken and we had a huge wind, like a whirlwind blow down the valley, picking up the dust in the factory yard down the road, trees came down, skies got blacker, but not a drop of rain.


Our water barrel is long empty, and we could take water out of the Thomotalerbach, but that’s apparently not legal.  So Dave and I are now showering, and using the difference to water the veggies and the container plants.


Most of them have got their roots well down, but are wilting in the middle of the day. Crazy to be in August and have no ripe tomatoes, and no beans!


The heatwave is forecast to finish on Thursday, with a pleasant 20 degrees, oh I hope so, I loathe showering and want a soak in the bath!!!!!!!

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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