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Women’s Stuff -Update



Walkies to Corfe Castle, Dorset

I’ve just had my check up following the operation and can say, I’ve never felt so well!  I can see in hindsight just how much my health wasn’t right, it’s like something has lifted.

Maybe I did overdo it a bit at first, but I wanted to be active.  When we were in the UK, on my first real walk, I had so much pain in my hips and back, when we got back the only place I could rest was to lie on the floor!  This passed quickly and a few days later we had a longer walk with no ill effects.  The mild pain continued for a couple of weeks then went. Doc said it was my body re-aligning itself.  I had also lost what little fitness I did have!

But most of all, the break away did the most good. It took me out of myself, stopped me thinking about the operation and obsessing about my symptoms.  If there was anything that I would away to anyone in the same situation, is after a month, if you can, get away and take a break!

I did start to have night sweats and weepy sessions, so I had a hormonal jab, that was also a great help, all symptoms gone, no more running hot anymore, it lasts three months, then Doc says see how it goes.  I would say at my age, take the jab!

Only negative –  that*§$& bristle growing out!!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Women’s Stuff -Update

  1. er…there’s a deliberate grammar mistake as a test


  2. Glad your better – H


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