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As I write, I’ve been home nearly a week and my recovery goes in leaps and bounds.  I suffered for a few days with stomach pains, an aftereffects of the antibiotics, and an over active stomach.  But for someone who usually has problems with an underactive one, this is no problem! These pains went on Sunday as I began to realise I was just thinking ill in my head, then a good walk in the sunshine and I felt fantastic.  I am a bit tireder than usual but Dave and I are planning daily, gradually steeper walks before we go to the UK,  The weather is fantastic!

It took me a while to get the Spulung sorted, in the end I lay in the bath with no water  in it with a jumper on as it was cold, that made it much easier. Apparently I can have a discharge for up to six weeks. But the worst side effect?  The embarrassment about the shaving and STUBBLE!  It catches on everything, I can’t wait for it to grow out!  I’m begining to feel as if something has lifted from me. I still can’t quite believe I ll never have another period!

Tips ?  Baggy pants. get loads of books on your kindle,music on your ipod, although you may be in a busy ward,  it’s good to blank out with a good book.   I enjoy my own company, so the single room to me was a blessing. Pray!

Don’t read too much in advance, I missed all about the internal packing, but if I’d known, I’d have been freaking out long in advance.  Read positive stories, only go on a forum if you really need the support and can bear the horror stories.  The majority of Hysterectomys are straight forward.

Best websites.

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