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I had strange strong dreams last night and woke tired. Didn’t stop me scoffing my brekky though. Into the routine I showered and  began to realise I’m in the first stages of boredom. So I’m keeping busy.  I’ve read at least six book since I’ve been here, so have now got some reviews to write.

The under Doc did his round today and he did it in English!  What a laugh.  I’ll be having a scan tomorrow and if all ok, home, more spuling tonight, but the drip is out and I can take painkiller pills, the hole in my arm is the last one!  Krankenstand  (sick leave) is six weeks.  No swimming or  baths till my check up – ugh.  The cervix IS sewn up. Oh joy!

It’s funny how much more I talk to Dave when there’s no one else, and we’re being nice to each other. I began to worry that I haven’t used this time to talk to God and hear his voice over the future and stuff for Dave and I. Then I remembered that he had said this is a healing, and that’s enough for now! I’ll be ready for the work to come Definately the antibiotics that caused the major dung out and tum  pains, and my bowels are more active than normal, but there can’t be a bug left in me!

Author: annarashbrook

English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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