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Woke with a tum ache, probably not helped with drinking cold water when I woke but I had been worrying I was constipated when I dozed off. Had some tummy pain, but Dr C says I can go home Wednesday after the spuling is ok –yaaaay.  I’m not in any hurry but it’s something to focus on.  Had a hot shower and felt better and read all morning. Just after lunch, I had really bad tummy pains and proceeded to empty my bowels again, with no med.  Even wondered if I’d had the op under false pretenses, but I knew this was something trying to get out!

Was also a bit tearful this am, fed up with the needles and all, got over it quick, just a post op low.  The nurse today said the antibiotic can mess your tum up and I did feel the food was odd a couple of days ago. Felt better eventually and went to the cafe with Dave, and had a sweet black tea, one of my favourites after a tummy bout.  Even got some here from the orderly. Have little or no pain now. I couldn’t have got through this without my kindle and lappy and mobile!  Could have done with a fact sheet maybe I was offered one but missed it, will ask.  Feels good to sit and write. Will minimise the effects of my poo to the Staff, don’t want to be held over.  While drip watching is my new hobby and you do get sucked into this private little world, I’ll be glad to escape. Dave’s been so lovely to me this week, we need to keep on with this, even if does go on  about my sexy surgical stockings.  Have trousers on today.It rained and thundered.  Am planning a big box of chocs for the staff……

I had my spulung, which wasn’t so bad, the nurse arrived with a jar of water with a turkey baster which she filled with water and gave me a good squirt.  No blood. Am a bit sensitive as I write this the following morning!

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English Ex-pat living in Austria, Christian, blogger (of course) writer, photographer, dog owner!

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